My Pre-Birthday Cake: A Coconut Sponge of Gorgeousness

photo 2

Don’t tell anyone, but I turn 40 today, something which I’ve been quite unhappy about if I’m honest. I feel good today, something which has been helped by the fabulous cards and presents I’ve received (thanks to my lovely boys), but I admit I’ve struggled in the run-up to my birthday. So to make myself [...]


How to Make Any Kind of Flan

Mushroom and Feta flan

I decided that I needed to learn how to make flans, as pastry is something I’ve never been particularly great with. This is a great (and pretty failsafe) recipe for making whatever flavour flan you like! Just add whatever ingredients you fancy flavouring the flan with. Some of my favourites so far are sausage, tomato [...]


Doing the Happy Thing

100 Happy Days

And no, that’s not a euphemism! I’m doing the #100happydays challenge this January which asks you to post at least one photo every day of something which makes you happy. The idea being to highlight the good things in your life and make you aware of the happy moments, and presumably increasing positive energy and [...]


Boys Bedroom Ideas: A Car-Themed Wall Mural


I got creative this weekend.  About time too if I’m completely honest as we’d had these wall stickers for a month or so without actually putting them up because the wall they were going on needed painting. Painting one wall in a child’s bedroom isn’t a huge task, especially when you’re just doing another coat [...]


Marshmallow Fondant Icing

I love the look of shop-bought fondant icing, but I’ve never been keen on the taste, so for my Christmas Cake this year I decided to try Marshmallow Fondant Icing. It’s made from just marshmallows and icing sugar, so it was bound to taste great and it rolls just as well as classic fondant icing. [...]


8 Essential Blogging Apps


I’m doing more and more of my blogging on the go, both here and on my vintage blog. I use both my iPad and my iPhone a lot so this article is very much about iOS apps rather than anything Android. Everyone uses the everyday apps like Camera, Safari, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but these [...]


The Perfect New Years Day Brunch

Moroccan eggs

Whether you were drinking on New Year’s Eve or not, we all need something restorative on New Years Day just to make up for the late night. I had a real hankering for these Moroccan Eggs – they’re great for sharing, just dunk chunks of bread into the delicious eggy mixture and feel your mood [...]


For Tomorrow We Diet


Double sausage and egg McMuffin and a double espresso, for tomorrow we diet…


Giveaway: Chillsner Beer Cooler

Chillsner beer cooler

My husband has a real aversion to drinking beer which isn’t ice-cold, and I have to say I agree with him. Whatever the weather outside, there’s little in life as unappealing as a luke-warm beer! So, I was delighted to try out the Chillsner beer cooler. It’s made by the same clever people who made [...]


Quick and Easy Nibbles: Mini Papadums with Prawns


These are just delicious and super -easy to make. All you need are some Mimi Papadums, tzatziki and some king prawns, I used prawns marinated in chilli and coriander and they were delicious! You don’t really need a recipe, just assemble and serve!