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Cinnamon Danish Popcorn recipe

Time: 5 mins

Is it just me, or does watching telly at this time of year make everyone feel ravenously hungry? The TV breaks are just packed with delicious-looking food thanks to the M&S and Waitrose adverts, amongst many others!

So I thought I’d be safe watching the Junior Apprentice last night on BBC1: no adverts, no delicious canapés and sumptuous puddings being paraded in front of me..? But no, their challenge this week was to come up with new and exciting flavours of popcorn, so I sat there for about half an hour feeling hungry before I had to go and make some myself!

I loved the idea of taking traditional American flavours and turning them into popcorn – they came up with BBQ chicken flavour and pancakes and maple syrup flavour. I found myself lusting after peanut butter and jelly flavour popcorn – but haven’t worked out how to turn that flavour into something you can sprinkle on popcorn…? Any ideas anyone?

Anyhow, I settled for my own invention: cinnamon danish popcorn.

Pop some corn and while it’s still hot sprinkle a tablespoon on caster sugar in the pan and sprinkle with cinnamon. Toss around well while the sugar caramelises in the heat of the pan and scoff. Delicious (and a lot healthier than a real cinnamon danish!)

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