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A pirate-themed 1st birthday party

1st birthday party food

We were lucky enough to go to our gorgeous Godson’s first birthday party at the weekend. Fabulous day, delicious food and of course and lovely little boy who just seems to be growing up so fast! First birthday parties are a funny beast, they’re not really a children’s party as 1-year-old don’t party particularly hard so it’s really a party for family and friends with lots and lots of little children around.

But it’s the food I want to talk about: the party was catered to perfection with tangy lemon slices, chocolate cupcakes, Mars bar crispy cakes and a magnificent carrot cake.

The Mars bar crispy cakes were a revelation for someone who’s on a diet. You can make a dozen crispy cakes with just 1 Mars bar, 50g of butter and some Rice Crispies – nowhere near as naughty as the usual version but a lovely sweet treat. I’ll definitely make those next time I need something sweet and sticky that I don’t need to feel guilty about!

1st birthday party food 1st birthday party food 1st birthday party food

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