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Gadget giveaway: Win a citrus zinger


My husband has a real aversion to water. Don’t get me wrong, he bathes regularly and likes swimming, but just doesn’t like DRINKING water. Despite this he’s been trying to find a healthy substitute to living on Coke and black coffee, and one thing he’s found that fits the bill perfectly is water with a squeeze of lemon juice. It has the healthiness of water and some fruit – what could be the problem I hear you ask…?

Well frankly, the mess is the problem! He squeezes himself half a lemon maybe 4 or 5 times a day, and my draining board is constantly covered in sticky juice and lemon pips. And yes, I’ve asked him to wipe it up, but after 11 years of marriage I’ve realised that I’m not going to get too far with that either.

Becasue of this, I was rather excited to discover the Citrus Zinger. It’s a neat and easy self-contained way of flavouring your water with citrus fruits. You simply unscrew the bottom, place lemon, orange or lime on the squeezer, do it back up and then fill with water. Voila! Lovely fruit-flavoured water without all that mess and fuss! Also, because the fruit stays in the flask it keeps infusing while you’re drinking. Pefect for taking to the office or gym too!

The people at Zing Anything also make clever solutions for other fruit flavoured water and even flavoured vodka!

I have a Citrus Zinger to give away to 1 lucky reader.

How to enter:

For your chance to win a Citrus Zinger simply post a comment below telling us what you’d like to flavour your water with. It would also be lovely if you could like the Zing Anything Facebook page. You don’t have to, but it would be a nice thing to do!

Competition terms and conditions:

  • I’ll randomly pick a winner after entries close at midnight Thursday 15th August 2013
  • This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over
  • I won’t share, give away or sell ANY of your contact details, I will only pass the winners details onto Zing Anything UK who will send out the prize directly
  • Nice Like Nigella do not take any responsibility for the delivery of the prize which will be sent out directly by Zing Anything UK.

If you would like to offer a competition prize or run a give away on Nice Like Nigella please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Citrus Zinger

Citrus Zinger

Citrus Zinger

Citrus Zinger

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409 thoughts on “Gadget giveaway: Win a citrus zinger

  1. Robert Mills

    lemon just like in the pictures above i also like to leave slices in the juice and half a cup sugar

  2. katie

    I love a green tea with lemon combo with ice! simply devine and so freshing in this heat,not to mention good for water retention!

  3. Louise O'Brien

    I actually love a couple of slices of cucumber in my water. Absolutely gorgeous and refreshing!

  4. Tre Malc

    Obviously the standard lemon flavoured water! But after that i’d experiment with berries, etc!

  5. Erika Holt

    Ohh I am happy to have found your site and have linked Zing..on facebook.

    I would flavour my water with lemon and fresh mint from my garden.

  6. Phil Darling

    I’d flavour my water with lime and a hint of chilli. I’ve liked Zing anything too.


    l don’t know if it would work, but l love pineapple……….if it doesn’t l’d plump for oranges

  8. Christina Palmer

    Has to be lemon just love the flavour, lemon tea, lemon juice, lemon sherbert, lemon ice. As you can gather anything tasing of lemon

  9. kellyjo walters

    a fantastic gadget I only drink fresh lemon in water and have the same problem, but also I been thinking of how to infuse blackberries as I have tonnes in my yard

  10. Andrea Balderstone

    I have just started growing some strawberries, which I would use to flavour the water. Sounds yummy.

  11. Jamie Butt

    I’d infuse some filtered water with elderflower then zing some lemon juice in – perfectly refreshing for summer! :)

  12. Kellie Homan

    Lemon & Lime πŸ˜€ My brother is obsessed with flavoured water so i’d love to win this for him, saves him having to buy the pre bottled stuff – have it lovely and fresh!

  13. Robbie

    I would use the gadget to flavour lemonade with lime lemon or orange which would be lovely during the hot summer days!

  14. Patricia walker

    definitely mangos for me tho how well that would work I’m not sure! I’d do limes in it too

  15. Kerry Kilmister

    I would love to do Lemon and Ginger or Lemon and mint – I want to do both as both sound great!

  16. Hannah Whitling

    Lemon, I love so many things with a lemon flavour, so to make my own Lemon water rather than buying it would be great

  17. Annamarie Riddiford

    I’ve liked the page and I would flavour with lime I think but I have to say that is one of the most cunning inventions I have seen for years! My husband always makes a mess too :)

  18. janet ashworth

    Fresh Sicillian Lemons, 1 Lime , top with water then put in freezer for couple of hours so it would be a delicious slush puppy drink, mmmm

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