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Cyprus: land of ice cream and honey

Cyprus ice cream

I’ve just got back from the most lovely week away on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Food always plays a big part whenever we go on holiday, partly because it’s such a treat that we get to eat out for every meal, but my favourite bit this time was enjoying all the fantastic ice cream out there. Stupidly we’d always bought ‘normal’ ice creams in the past (Magnums, Maxi Bon etc) but this time we realised what we were missing! The ice-cream bars are FABULOUS! So I thought I’d share some of my many ice-cream photos from the holiday.

Our favourite flavours were: Cherry, Chocomania (dark rich chocolate), Roche (like Ferrero Roche flavour with bits of wafer mixed in), Cheesecake (vanilla with crushed biscuit and strawberry ripple), Strawberry, Vanilla Lovers, Oreo (as in Oreo biscuits), Pistachio, Mr Nico (we still have no idea what flavour this really is, my best guess is caramel with chocolate ripple and nuts). Yum!

Photo above (clockwise from top left): Cheesecake, Vanilla Lovers, Strawberry, Cherry, Yogurt, Oreo.

Cyprus ice cream

Chocomania and Yogurt ice cream

Cyprus ice cream

From left: Cherry & Chocomania, Mr Nico and Pistachio and Oreo and Chocolate – I love the way the counter looks like a polished slab of nougat!

Cyprus ice cream

Oreo and Cheesecake

Cyprus ice cream

Roche and Chocomania

Cyprus ice cream

Oreo and Chocomania

Cyprus ice cream

Strawberry and Oreo

Cyprus ice cream

Clockwise from top left: Lilac, Mr Nico, Roche, Cheesecake, Oreo, Pistachio, Chocomania, Honey  and Mastichia

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