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From Cave to Kitchen: The History of the Oven

It’s easy to take your oven for granted – even as an avid cook. However, when you stop and consider where it came from it has a suprisingly long and significant history.

Before people learnt to cook, human life was very primitive. Rather than the social and creative activity that we recognize today, eating was an act of survival and most of life centered around it. Controlled fire was to change everything and as man discovered the nutritional benefits of cooked food, they were able to develop all aspects of modern life on earth.

Did you know, historians think that cooked food kick-started civilization? Just imagine it, a sentient species nurtured by their love of good grub – a passion that remains resolute in the modern day!

Whilst this blog depicts my food obsessions, today I’m celebrating the vital instrument that brings my favourite dishes together. To the oven, we salute you, and to Leisure, we thank you for making this awesome little e-book (and for stoking my ambition to one day own a range cooker!)

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