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A Divine afternoon treat

Divine chocolate

I hate to say it, but I fear the summer might be over. If it is, we can’t complain, it’s been a much better summer than the last few years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of the sunshine! I actually feel ready for the autumn to arrive so that I can indulge in some warming comfort food. I love the changing of the seasons and I’ve kind of had enough of salads and sundresses – I’m ready for hotpot, lasagna and jeans and jumpers!

Cooler weather is perfect excuse to indulge in some great coffee with great chocolate, and I had this Divine chocolate waiting in my cupboard for just such an afternoon pick-me-up! I *adore* dark chocolate, and these deluxe bars are gorgeous! One bar was dark chocolate with raspberries, and the other with ginger and orange. *sigh* Chocolate bliss!

I’d like to point out that I didn’t eat both bars completely alone (sadly my husband and little boy both discovered the chocolate before I’d had the chance to scoff both bars), but they went pretty darn quickly. What’s your favourite kind of chocolate?

Divine chocolate Divine chocolate

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