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Breakfast pancakes: 6 no-effort recipes for a Sunday morning

breakfast pancakes 6 easy recipes

I love weekend mornings – particularly Sunday mornings: there’s no school, and no football practice or karting sessions to rush off to like a Saturday and we have time to have a ‘proper’ breakfast.  Sometimes we have home-baked pain-au-chocolate, sometimes we have brioches, and sometimes we have pancakes.

The great thing about pancakes is that everybody loves them – all you need to do is add the filling you like best. Here are the pancakes I made this morning. I cheated and used one of those instant pancake mix jugs that you just add milk to and then shake. (If you’d like to make your own pancake batter there’s a recipe at the bottom of the page.)  Just add a tiny bit of butter to a hot pan, pour in pancake mix, flip and then add the toppings of your choice:

  1. Dark chocolate and frozen raspberries. I used Divine dark chocolate with raspberries. The frozen raspberries thaw pretty much instantly when you fold the pancake.
  2. Blueberries and honey.
  3. Chocolate drops (this is my 7 year old’s favourite).
  4. Grated cheddar and spring onion.
  5. Cherry tomatoes, feta and fresh basil.
  6. Naked – just add the spread of your choice: jam, honey, Nutella, maple syrup – whatever you fancy!
Breakfast pancake - Raspberry and dark chocolate

Pancake with frozen raspberries and dark chocolate

Breakfast pancake - blueberries and honey

Breakfast pancake with fresh blueberries and honey

Breakfast pancake - milk chocolate drops

Breakfast pancake with milk chocolate drops

Breakfast pancake - cheese and spring onion

Breakfast pancake with grated cheddar cheese and chopped spring onion

Breakfast pancake - feta, tomato and basil

Greek style breakfast pancake with crumbled feta, fresh tomato and basil (although I guess it should really be with fresh oregano or mint instead of basil to make it ‘properly’ Greek…)

Breakfast pancake

Naked pancakes – just add jam, nutella, honey or maple syrup

Breakfast pancake

Just fold them into quarters and eat – yum!

To make your own pancake batter:

  • 110g/4oz plain flour, sifted
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3fl oz water
  • 50g/2oz butter

Whisk everything together except the butter (which you use for frying the pancakes)

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