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Organizing all those thousands of clipped recipes…

Recipe folder

How do you store recipes?  I have thousands of recipes that I’ve scribbled down, clipped out and photocopied, and they’re in a terrible mess, so I’ve decided that I want to try to solve the problem once and for all!  I tend to use the same few dozen recipes from my multiple recipes files over and over again, but rest are so messy that I simply never look through them. Plus, my folders are falling apart after almost 2 decades… What a waste of all that clipping and collecting!


I don’t think there’s just one solution. I think I need to get myself a good notepad for all those scribbled Recycled paperideas and the recipes which are noted down over the telephone, because let’s face it, the recipes you want to ask friends for are usually the best. I had a look around online and I particularly like this ‘I used to be… a car tyre’ pad made from recycled paper.

After all, you’re doing your own bit of recycling whenever you clip a recipe rather than buying a recipe book, and I love the fact that this reminds you of that!

So, that’s going to be a good solution for handwritten recipes, ideas and clippings, but I could also do with a sturdy replacement file for all those magazine pages I’ve saved.

Recycled lever arch fileI’m thinking of sticking with the recycled theme and going for a this ‘I used to be… rubbish’ folder. It makes me smile (because it’s true, I used to be rubbish at cooking!) and also I like it’s eco-credentials.

I think that’s probably enough to get me organized, what do you think?

How do you organize your recipes? Do you use recipe cards, do you store them digitally, or do you use a notepad and file like me?

If you’d like to buy any of these fun, recycled office supplies (UK) you can buy them online from The Green Office.

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