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Making a Harry Potter Marauder’s Map

Making a Harry Potter Marauder's Map

I’m a day late in posting this so I apologise. I was very proud of my  dinosaur footprint biscuits yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing those instead!

As you probably know by now, I’m throwing a Harry Potter party for Halloween this year. I’m a total HP geek and can’t wait to start making gruesome potion decorations and chocolate frogs!

I made a version of Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map for the invitations, mostly because I thought the kids would love them, but also because I though it was such a great idea!

I found an amazing tutorial here which I thoroughly recommend. It provides you with the maps to print out and step by step instructions too.

Once you’ve printed the map pieces, you soak the paper in cold tea and while the paper is still wet sprinkle with instant coffee granules to create age spots (how genius is that idea?!) Then dry the paper out in an oven for a few minutes, press, trim and seal with wax and you have yourself some VERY impressive Harry Potter invitations.

What do you think?

Making a Harry Potter Marauder's Map Making a Harry Potter Marauder's Map

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9 thoughts on “Making a Harry Potter Marauder’s Map

    • Mary

      Thanks, don’t they look great? I was pretty sceptical after dipping the paper in tea, but once they were dried and pressed flat they looked amazing. I’m so pleased with the results! :)

    • Mary

      I hope it will be. Odds are I’ll be so knackered by the time the party starts that I’ll drink myself silly and forget to take lots of photos. Will definitely try though :)

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