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Homemade Halloween Lanterns

Homemade halloween lanterns

Just a quickie today! I wanted to show you the Halloween lanterns I made last night. I’ve been collecting jam jars for a few months now so that I’ve got enough to light the garden. All I needed was jam jars, glass frosting spray and a star shape I cut out of paper and ta daaahh! I think they look great! I’ll put wire around the top of some of them so I can hang them up and they can light the garden for my Harry Potter party!

Homemade halloween lanterns

4 thoughts on “Homemade Halloween Lanterns

    • Mary

      Thanks! They were super easy to make, although in hindsight I should have wiped off the glue I used to stick the star shapes on so that the star ‘windows’ were really nice and clear. Must do that before I actually use them! :)

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