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Making Our Own (Monster) Teddy

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

My son’s school has got a really sensible policy of not letting you send your child back to school until 48 hours after any sickness bug. I love this rule, it means that we have an extra day at home during term time when Theo doesn’t feel poorly any more, but he’s not allowed back to school. We had one of those today and he had the great idea of making a teddy.

He carefully designed his teddy and cut it out and went through my bag of scrap material to decide which body parts would be in which materials. The result is a slightly Frankenstein-esque teddy, but he’s certainly unique and Theo adores him. I have to say I’m quite surprised with how nice he turned out too, and it’s great to use that sewing machine that I went mad to have about 10 years ago and have only used once to make bunting last summer. 

Of course, this teddy wouldn’t be at all suitable for a baby or young child, I dare say the eyes will fall off fairly regularly, but for a 7 year old it’s ideal. I thoroughly recommend giving it a try!

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

Creating the teddy design

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

The finished design, cut-out and ready to be brought to life

Teddy sewing pattern

Scraps of material stuck on the different body parts to show what they would be made from

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

Cut-out and ready for some nerve-wracking inside-out sewing together!

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

Teddy next to pattern

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

Theo called his creation a ‘Zonking’ so we made a label with the name on


And the designers name on the back of the label…


Ta daaah!

4 thoughts on “Making Our Own (Monster) Teddy

    • admin

      Thanks Steve! Can’t say I’ve ever made a toy before, but my son now wants a whole zoo of home-made animals so I think I might be kept busy!

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