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Review: VonShef Magical Defrost Tray

VonShef Magical Defrost Tray

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these VonShef Magical Defrost Tray to review a few weeks ago. When I mentioned it to people they had really varied reactions ranging from my mum, who was highly sceptical,  to my husband who was rather excited (he appreciates a clever bit of technology).

I was looking forward to giving it a try. I’m not the most organized person in the world and it never occurs to me to take meat out of the freezer to defrost the night before I’m going to use it for dinner, so I’ve been relying on the microwave. Recently though I’ve thrown my microwave out. Right or wrong, I’m just not comfortable with the whole idea of microwaves. I have no idea whether they are good or bad for you but if there’s a possibility that microwaves do bad things to your food (which hasn’t been proven one way or another yet) then I’m not going to use one.

Besides they’re terrible at defrosting. You always end up with rubbery cooked bits on the outside and a frozen center. So I was delighted to be presented with an alternative.

And now for the sciencey bit…

So, how does the magical tray work? Not actually by magic at all, but via the power of aluminium (wooooooo!). Aluminium is a great heat conductor and the tray absorbs the ambient heat of your home and uses that to heat the defrosting food. You don’t plug it in or heat it. All you do is put it on your kitchen counter, put the meat on top of it and then wait.

The tray really does work! It’s allowed me to get frozen meat out at lunchtime and cook it for dinner. Thawing times tend to vary on the thickness of the meat, but something like a chicken breast will thaw in about an hour. Fabulous!

Oh, and it’s nice and easy to clean – just use soap and water!

N.b. If you have cats I would suggest covering the meat with something (I use one of those net covers that you use to keep flies off in the summer) – my cats get *way* too excited when there’s raw meat left out in the open…

I would totally recommend buying the VonShef Magical Defrost Tray. It’s a safe and fast way of defrosting meat. I’m delighted with mine and will be buying one for my now totally converted mother!

If you’d like to treat yourself to one I’ve got a 10% off code which you can use on any of the Kitchen Utensils & Accessories’ including the VonShef Magical Defrost Tray here. Just use the discount code: NICELIKE.


VonShef Magical Defrost Tray

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