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A Hat To Feel Good About From Ricefield Collective

Ricefield Collective winnowers beannie hat

It seems to have gone noticeably colder out there today – proper weather for the run-up to Christmas! I’ll be ready to warm up the mince pies and mulled wine after a few more days of this!

I don’t often post photos of myself on here, but I wanted to share my gorgeous new hat with you.  Its from Ricefield Collective, a company which pride themselves on eco-friendly ethical and transparent business practices.

Not only is it a beautiful hat to wear (mine is the Winnowers hat in Ifugao Red) I even got a photo with it saying who hand-knitted my hat. I thought that was a lovely touch, and such a refreshing change from the faceless big brands on the high street! It also comes with this message which makes you feel almost as warm and cosy as the hat itself does:

This piece is handknit with love from sustainably sourced fiber by the indigenous women in the Philippines who formed Ricefield Collective with knitwear designers from the U.S. and Europe. Our knitters receive fair wages while crafting an eco-friendly, well-designed garment for you.

If you’re shopping for a winter hat this season I urge you to go and check out their website. They have some beautiful hats, cowls, scarves and gloves and I love their refreshingly ethical approach to business!

Fancy winning one?

I’m also running a competition on my other blog to win a beautiful hand knitted hat from Ricefield Collective, you can enter that here if you’d like to, good luck!

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