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8 Essential Blogging Apps

8 Essential Blogging Apps

I’m doing more and more of my blogging on the go, both here and on my vintage blog. I use both my iPad and my iPhone a lot so this article is very much about iOS apps rather than anything Android. Everyone uses the everyday apps like Camera, Safari, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but these are the other apps have become real essentials to me so I thought I’d share. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything important out and what you use!

BlogPad Pro

This is my most-used blogging tool. All of my blogs are run on either WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress so this is the perfect app for the job. BlogPad Pro allows me to quickly edit and create beautiful posts on my iPad as well as respond to comments, view my stats and even read the blogs I follow in the WP reader. Price £2.99

BlogPad Pro blogging app


I only recently discovered Over and I love it (as you will have noticed as all my recent posts use it for photos). Over is a really simple (and beautiful) way of adding text to your photos. Great for making your Instagram photos a bit sexier, it’s also really useful for jazzing up photos snapped for your blog while you’re out and about. Price £1.49 with in-app purchases.

over app

PS Touch (Adobe Photoshop Touch)

This is basically PhotoShop for your iPad. It’s not like full-blown PhotoShop, but if want to do some photo montages or do some ‘proper’ design then this is a great tool to have. PSTouch feels a bit pricey at £6.99, but that’s only because it’s an app and everyone expects those to be as cheap as chips. If you bear in mind the full version of PhotoShop costs around £300 then you realise how reasonable the price really is!

photoshop app


Wunderlist is a great tool for managing your to-do list, tasks and generally getting organized. It’s free and available across all devices including the web, so you can mange your to-do list wherever you are. Simple and easy to use it quickly becomes essential! Price: Free

wunderlist app


Both of these apps are a great way of sharing files between all your different devices. You get a certain amount of free cloud storage with either system and they both sync and work really well. SkyDrive is owned by Microsoft and DropBox is independent. Price: Free but with upgrades for more storage

skydrive app

dropbox app


Sending out mailshots and tracking your email campaigns has never been easier on the go. MailChimp allows you to mange and mail out to up-to-2,000 subscribers for free. Price: Free, but with different subscriptions plans for more than 2,000 subscribers.

mailchimp app


HootSuite is great for scheduling your social media posts saving you lots of time posting updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Price: Free

hootsuite app

What iOS apps do you use? Let me know, I’d love to discover some more really useful apps!


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