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Boys Bedroom Ideas: A Car-Themed Wall Mural

Children's Car Mural with Wall Stickers

I got creative this weekend.  About time too if I’m completely honest as we’d had these wall stickers for a month or so without actually putting them up because the wall they were going on needed painting.

Painting one wall in a child’s bedroom isn’t a huge task, especially when you’re just doing another coat of the same colour to smarten up all the scuffs, the blu-tack marks, the grubby handprints and the rips where Hot Wheels tracks have been hanging, but it still takes time and motivation which has been sorely lacking over Christmas!

Anyway, we did it, and against my better judgement I let Theo help with the wall painting. He loved it (one of his favourite things to do ever apparently). I confess I did re-roll over the whole wall once he had finished to smooth out all the blobs and cover over the bits he’d missed, but I’m glad he got involved!

The annoying part was that once we’d spent an hour taking down all his posters and scraping off hardened blu-tack, and then spent a good hour painting he decided that the wall stickers shouldn’t go on the lovely re-painted blank canvass we’d created, they should go in a tricky circular pattern above his bed. *sigh*

I had visions of the car stickers trundling happily along the skirting boards (which would have been nice and easy to do) but my son had higher aspirations. So I cracked out my tools (a pencil with a bit of string attached to draw a big circle on the wall, a spirit level and a big cup of coffee) and got started.

The stickers are great because they don’t actually look like peelable stickers once they’re on the wall, they’re more like transfers. It’s a bit fiddley getting them on the wall, but I wouldn’t say it was tricky. You basically peel off the backing paper, attach them to the wall and then after 10 minutes peel off the clear film leaving the sticker. Easy as pie. Unless you’re having to do a really convoluted design…

Anyway, what do you think? I’m really pleased with the results!

All the stickers are from Spin Collective.

There are so many things I love on their site. I’ve got my name on a set of these personalised chalkboard stickers next for the kitchen…

Children's Car Mural with Wall Stickers

Children's Name Mural with Wall Stickers

Children's Car Mural with Wall Stickers

Children's Car Mural with Wall Stickers

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