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Harry Potter Studios: Hogwarts in the Snow

For some reason a visit to Harry Potter Studios seemed the perfect trip for just after Christmas. Even though it’s not a Christmassy story it just seemed perfect, plus we had the chance of seeing Hogwarts in the snow, which sounded wonderful.

We booked the trip quite a few months in advance (it’s certainly not something you can just turn up to on the day), and I was a bit worried that seeing behind the scenes might somehow take some of the magic away from the films for the kids. I needn’t have worried though, it was absolutely amazing from start to finish.

I took a million photos, and could write about the trip for pages and pages but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers!  You literally get to see everything you can imagine from the movies though, from the entrance to Hogwarts (below) which looks amazingly realistic – it’s hard to believe it isn’t carved out of real stone, to all the houses, classrooms and sets used throughout the films.  They even have Privet Drive and Godrick’s Hollow!

Christmas Harry Potter Studios

Going at Christmas didn’t change very much about the experience except for the massive Christmas tree in the lobby and Hogwarts being all snowy of course.  Hogwarts is a scale model, but still massive and SO impressive! You can walk all around it an the detail is just incredible, no wonder it looks totally real in the films!

Christmas Harry Potter Studios

Hogwarts in the Snow

I simply can’t recommend this trip enough. We loved every minute and wouldn’t hesitate to go again. It’s an expensive day out, and you definitely need to allow extra for the shop at the end, but it’s worth every penny! Here are some of our highlights:

Potions Classroom Harry Potter Studios

Snape’s potions classroom, complete with cauldrons stirring themselves

The Great Hall Harry Potter Studios

The Great Hall all decked out for the Christmas feast

Hagrids House at Harry Potter Studios

Hagrid’s house

Fake fire at Harry Potter studios

Finding out how they make fake fire and snow for the films

Butterbeer smiles

Butterbeer smiles all around!

What Butterbeer tastes like

Ever wondered what Butterbeer actually tastes like? This face tells you everything you need to know!

Harry Potter Studios The Knight Bus

The triple-decker knight bus

Handprints of Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron

The kids trying their hands in the handprints of Harry, Hermione and Ron to see how they measure up

Harry Potter Studios Diagon Alley

Walking along Diagon Alley – this was amazing!

Harry Potter makeup and costumes

Some of the goblin heads from the makeup and creatures section of the tour

Flying Car Harry Potter Studios

Trying to work out how the flying car works

Hagrids Motorbike

Trying out Hagrids flying motorbike for size


Marveling at just how big Hagrid is!


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