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Making a Book Safe

Vintage antique book safe

Book safes aren’t a new idea. This picture (above) is of a book used to smuggle contraband cigarettes back in years gone by – don’t worry I didn’t cut up an antique book in the process of doing this!  They are also a great way of hiding away valuables that you perhaps dont use very often but don’t want to leave lying around: 2nd sets of car keys, jewellery which is a bit too good for every day use.

The idea is that you hide your valuables in your book safe in plain sight on your bookshelf, much better than leaving them in a drawer or your jewellery box or under the bed!

They are super simple to make. You can use any book, athough a hardback book is probably more practical – I used an old cookery book!

Making a book safe

Then all you need to do is use a craft knife to cut a recess into the pages and carve out a place to pop your valuables. It’s as simple as that, and it looks way less conspicuous than the book safes you can buy which look really fake!
Making a book safe Making a book safe

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