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Go Karting Birthday Cake

I should have learned by now not to ask Theo what type of birthday cake he wants, every year it gets more difficult!  I should have known that he would want a go-karting cake, not only does he race pretty much every weekend but he was having karting party for his school friends too!

So, I figured a number 9 cake with a karting track on and around it would be easier than trying to make a kart-shaped cake!  I hired a tin from my local baking shop and filled it with a regular chocolate sponge – nothing fancy – anything too light and airy and the cake will be too soft to ice properly! The shop you hire your tin from will tell you what amount of cake mixture to make up for the tin you have.

To ice it, freeze the cake first, the while it’s still frozen cover in chocolate butter cream and drape in rolled out fondant icing.   For this cake I used the following icing:

  • 1 large pack of grass green fondant icing
  • 1 small pack red icing
  • 1 small pack black icing
  • 1 small pack white icing
  • 1 small pack light green icing.

For the blue I just used some food colouring on the white as I didn’t need much. Don’t forget you can freeze any icing you have left over!

Number 9 Birthday Cake

Icing the frozen cake. If you want a flat top to your cake let it thaw slightly then cut the top off with a bread knife to get a nice flat surface to ice.

Go Karting Birthday Cake

Kart track complete with tyre barriers, flowers and puddles after I sprayed it with water to get rid of icing sugar dusting from rolling it out!

Go Karting Birthday Cake

The finished karting cake, complete with go kart

Go Karting Birthday Cake

Holding the cake on the way to the party!


Number 9 Birthday Cake Tin

The cake tins were non-stick and needed a good soak after baking all that cake!


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