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The Dinosaurs Are Back! Dinovember 2015

Even though my son is 9, he still got excited about Dinovember arriving this year. I have no idea whether he’s just humoring me, or whether he just loves the fun of it, after all I certainly do!  I think it does all of us good to have to walk away from our smartphones and iPads and the TV and to have to use our imagination to create some delight for someone else in the house! Isn’t that what childhood is supposed to be all about?

So far, the Dinosaurs broke out of their hiding place in the bedroom cupboard, tipped my sons karting trophies over and re-arranged them (we all have slight OCD when it comes to things being in the right order), and last night they trashed the bathroom.

Naughty dinosuars! Wonder what they’ll do tonight… (answers on a postcard please!)

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