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10 Great Christmas T-Shirts for Kids Who Won’t Wear Christmas Jumpers!

Is it just my son who has a real aversion to wearing jumpers? Come rain, snow or bitter cold he’ll happily walk around in a t-shirt, and emerges from school every day in just a short-sleeved shirt with his jumper and coat stuffed into his bag.

So the chances of me getting him into a Christmas jumper this year are slim to say the least, hence my search for some cute Christmas t-shirts instead! Here are my favourites, oh and please tell me he’s not the only child who’ll be wearing t-shirts throughout winter?

Mustache Christmas Tree T-Shirt

Mustache Christmas Tree T-Shirt

Suave and festive! Mustache Christmas tree t-shirt available in kids and adult sizes from LemontreeLaneHome.

Bear Gazing T-Shirt

Bear Gazing Childrens Christmas T-Shirt

Cute polar bear gazing at a golden star t-shirt. Available in kids and adult sizes from TigerPrints.

Red Furry Snowman T-Shirt

Cute furry snowman t-shrit with a light-up nose by Next

Little Pud Christmas T-Shirt

Little Pud Christmas T-Shirt

Cute huh? Plus this t-shirt can be personalised with your child’s name on the back, from Precious Little Plum

Christmas Dinosaur T-Shirt

Christmas Dinosaur T-shirt

Festive T-Rex dinosaur t-shirt from Alphabet Interiors.

Santa’s Elf Personalised T-Shirt

Santas Elf Personalised T-Shirt

Santa’s little Elf personalised t-shirt by JustBeautifulGifts

Minions Christmas T-Shirt

Minions Christmas T-Shirt

I love this one, and who doesn’t love the Minions! From Next

Boys Reindeer personalised T-Shirt

Kids Reindeer Personalised Christmas T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a bit of gold at Christmas? Personalised name t-shirt with leaping reindeer from TigerPrintsCoUk over on Etsy.

Dachsund Through The Snow T-Shirt

Dachsund Through The Snow T-Shirt

See what they did there? Love it! Dachsund through the snow tee availble in kids and adult sizes from LemontreeLaneHome

Sequin Star T-Shirt

Sequin Star T-Shirt

Sparkly sequin star long-sleeved t-shirt from Next

Which of these festive tees is your favourite? I know which I’ll be getting!


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