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batmanHi, I’m Mary (that’s me as Robin on the right!).

Welcome to the place where I share my food obsession and my daily struggle to cook to please a 9-year-old boy who only wants to eat pizza and red pasta and a 40-something husband who’s trying to be healthy by cutting new things out of his diet (currently chicken, pork and dairy, but ideally he’d only eat grilled fish and vegetables every day).

Me? I’d like to eat in Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant every night, but there we go – we all have to compromise!

You can also find me indulging my other obsession, all things vintage, at We Heart Vintage.co – pop over and say hi!

About Affiliate Links

I sometimes use affiliate links on this blog. This means that if you click on one of the product links and end up buying the product, I’ll receive a small commission.  Just thought you should know!

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